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What is Trade Media ?

Trade media (magazine, trade journal), paper or digital is a medium focused on targeting a highly specialist audience who work in a particular trade or industry. 

Trade publications keep industry members aware of new developments (products, events, R&D, etc.).

Trade media typically contain content centered around industrial news rather than the general-audience content.

Trade publications include targeted advertising, which helps provide sales enablement – type advice to the readers that may inform purchasing and investment decisions.

Reach the readers that matter

Why is trade media essential for sales?

Earn coverage in your own industry’s trade media with our services.

Big-name publications can provide glamorous publicity. But this is more likely to boost to the company’s ego rather than to support the sales team in engaging potential customers.

Trade media, on the other hand, is the number one source of product innovation news for industrial decision markers. Purchase decisions are made based on the products covered in these trusted pages. This means that it is essential that your products are visible there in order to sell.

Marketing departments spend heavily on creating visibility through channels such as paid advertising, social media, etc. These are useful channels to generate awareness, but they are not effective in converting customers.

This is because they lack credibility. Anyone can pay for ad space, or promote owned content they have written themselves. But to be published by trade media editors in their specialist fields, in media serving audiences of like-minded experts provides the ultimate third party authentication. Put simply, this is coverage that helps you sell!

Unlock the benefits to make more sales

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Gain trust of potential buyers

Credibility equals trust, and trust equals sales. Coverage on social media and paid ads create reach, but don’t carry influential power due to the lack of authority. Industry insiders loyally respect the credibility of specialized trade publications and treat them as valuable resources for decision making. There is no better channel than trade media to earn a trusted reputation.


Reach a highly specific audience

Although trade media’s readership figures may be small, they reach precisely the right people to take action on your messages. Unlike mass publications, trade media readers are passionate and well-educated; they understand the products, and the benefits that make them suitable purchase options to improve their own businesses. As such, even just one published article in the right trade magazine can result in hundreds of direct sales opportunities.

More valuable business opportunities

Trade media coverage makes your products a talking point of your industry globally, and gets your ideal customers coming directly to you. With trade exhibitions our of action, it is the essential channel to ensure you stay ‘top of mind’ with your target customers. With trade media, you can not only replicate, but improve on the lead generation traditionally made by meetings and face to face sales ad trade shows.


Tell your technical story

Larger, more general publications often deliver news in broad topics, or are loaded towards financially related business news. With trade media, innovative products are placed centre-stage. This brings readers down to the nitty-gritty technical details they are passionate about. In trade media, you can connect with like-minded technical experts and tell the story behind what makes your innovations the number one choice for your industry.


Technical products need a technically minded media partner to generate the exposure they deserve. At INS our passion, like yours, is industrial innovation.

For over 40 years we have been world leaders in industrial product marketing. Our vision is simple, but effective; connect the right products to the right audiences through the right media. 

We believe our technical know-how and extensive relationships with key trade media contacts give us the edge in providing results to empower your sales.

With fully tailor-made services to reach any audience, for any industry, in any location, you won’t find our specialist expertise from any other media agency.

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