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Successful Global Media Campaign Collaboration – Walki Group

Supporting Walki Group in Achieving Outstanding Earned Exposure

Walki Group has trusted INS Trade Media Service to manage global media relations campaigns in a partnership spanning over 30 years. Our most recent shared success is a highly rewarding campaign: Walki’s product launch news secured over 120 earned media articles in 9 languages, helping their messages in sustainable packaging innovation reach industry professionals in 23 countries and a potential audience of 4.4 million readers worldwide.

Walki Group

With the roots of its fibre-based know-how dating back to the origins of the Finnish paper industry, Walki has grown to be an international player, recognised as a leading innovator in sustainable packaging and engineered material solutions.

Today, Walki Group has operations in 12 countries across Europe and Asia, with 14 state-of-the-art production facilities employing over 1500 personnel. Such a large, international presence requires a global voice that not only speaks about Walki’s innovative products, but challenges industry perceptions, pioneering change to help accelerate towards a more circular tomorrow, and a zero-waste future.

Collaboration Background

INS Trade Media Service has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Walki. In a cooperation lasting over three decades, INS has advised the group on their media strategy in various projects and campaigns, mostly focused on securing earned media with product press releases and thought leadership articles. Over this time INS has also developed an advanced understanding of the pulp, paper, bio fibres and packaging industries, handling over 200 trade media-focused campaigns to these industries for Walki and many more of these industries’ most well-known global brands.

Walki’s needs from the project

Walki’s objective was to reach new global markets and a range of precisely defined segments to announce the launch of their new, sustainable frozen food packaging materials innovations. The primary audience included Industry professionals in packaging, printing, converting, pulp, paperboard, bio fibre and renewable materials, environmental sustainability, and food industries. Secondary audiences included more general business, industry, and technology media, aiming to raise awareness of the wider potential global impact of Walki’s leading-edge sustainable innovations. Additional focus aimed to secure awareness and exposure to audiences beyond English speakers and to generate credibility-building coverage with target audiences outside of Walki’s established core customer groups.

INS’ Solution for Walki

Press releases are still regarded among the most trusted sources of information on leading-edge product news and innovation. This is especially true among trade and specialist industry media editors, journalists, and their professional followers.

To achieve optimal traction with these valuable viewers, INS developed a strategic trade media outreach campaign for Walki’s product launch news, with the press releases and associated images as the focal content. As the campaign’s objective was to raise credible awareness in new markets, translations of the press release were made, allowing the news to go truly global, with local relevance in eight languages.

Over the 30 years, INS has been collaborating with Walki, we have built a strong understanding of the company’s target media and have highly developed relationships with the key influential media contacts to spread Walki’s messages to the right audiences. This unique knowledge was coupled with extensive research into Walki’s current media profile and media landscape among the new target regions to establish a wider, growing media impact with these new audiences. As with every campaign we create, INS’ team of media experts devised a highly precise, hand-selected media list enveloping all identified target audiences for each language, region, and industrial sector.

Precise and Personalised Delivery

The campaign used precisely focused media relations to gain online and print coverage to communicate Walki’s messaging on a global scale. The series of media outreach campaigns aimed not only to establish Walki as a company with industry-leading products, but as a pioneering thought-leader, and a business that is leading shifts in perspective across the entire packaging and sustainable materials industries. Taking a bespoke approach for each region and language while maintaining a consistent messaging voice, was key.

Highly personalised and often individualised, bespoke editorial pitches were devised to generate maximum attention from potential publishing editors and journalists. This impactful attention was duly generated with our mailing outreach campaigns proudly producing over 30% open rates! Coupled with Walki’s expertly crafted content, and well-chosen accompanying images, the results were noticed right away.

Campaign Results

With INS’ diverse media handling expertise, Walki achieved visibility in 9 languages in over 20 countries. We documented over 120 published articles from our outreach, in very high-value media precisely representing Walki’s target audiences. Credible coverage was achieved online, as well as in printed media, digitally distributed e-magazines, and newsletters sent to highly qualified, engaged subscribers. In total 4.4 million potential readers were reached.

Reaching the right reader requires an in-depth understanding of the messages and media, along with precision and attention to detail in delivery. Through the cooperation, INS helped Walki gain traction in both high quality and high quantities, in markets and industries that would have otherwise been difficult to reach.

Are you reaching your potential?

Reaching the right audience requires more than just a press of a button. Trade media is the number one source of product news for professional decision-makers, and a well-formulated media strategy can improve your visibility, reach new markets with credibility, and lead to increased sales. We’re proud to deliver exceptional results for all our partners and can do the same for your business.

Let us help you. Contact us for a complimentary media campaign consultation.

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