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Press Release Optimization for SEO

When companies are using search engine optimization, they can add press releases to their long-term marketing plan. Doing this increases online visibility and web presence. There is a huge number of communications and public relations companies that actively publish news to generate a buzz around a brand, product launch, or service. This is a powerful tactic that brings finances from media presence if it is done the right way. Sounds impressive, right?

This article will show you some tips INS Trade Media Service uses for optimizing SEO with press releases.


Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Remember that SEO tools are a long-term optimization strategy. In order to improve your global presence, implement the following insights:

1.) Create shareable content linking PR and SEO. Shareable links are important. The point of these links is to create backlinks of press releases into the crafted content, for example, to blog posts or social media publications.

2.) Leverage appropriate keywords. This is a very practical tool. For example, long-tail keywords (that contain at least three words) deliver more targeted results. In addition, do not forget to analyze your keywords or hashtags via different marketing tools. This option is relevant for short-tail keywords that contain one or two words.

3.) Format your headline. Have you noticed that search engines truncate titles and descriptions? That is why we suggest limiting characters in your header. Try to place the most important keywords in your headline while keeping it under 70 characters. Base the header according to your preferences from a reader’s point of view.


Not so long ago we also shared a good blog post with guidelines crafted by INS Trade Media. The blog post contains relevant information about press releases which you might find very useful.


A recent example of a successful press release campaign

Recently, we cooperated with the Finnish industrial measurement technology company ColloidTek. The innovative company specializes in industrial liquid process analysis and optimization. Collo provides industrial customers with advanced, real-time liquid analyzers that measure directly from the process line. These analyzers are used to monitor and optimize the efficiency of different production processes.

Collo’s press release: Every liquid has a fingerprint and now it can be measured in real time.

Collo was picked by several media outlets and has attracted a lot of global media attention in several industrial trade magazines. According to the results, over three markets were reached globally: the USA, Germany, Sweden, and more. The company has earned 56 proven publications and has reached over 15.7 million estimated readers. 

The company delivered a compelling and engaging announcement of a new electromagnetic field-based analysis technology. Its highlights are:

  • Attention-grabbing headline and subtitle.
  • A multimedia element.
  • Audience targeting via tech language.
  • Usage of appropriate keywords.

These key factors help you to maximize visibility with press release optimization for SEO. Through the knowledge, tools, and techniques provided in this post, you can turn your company news into a message that gains a wider audience and greater conversion for your business.

INS Trade Media Service, as an industrial news distribution agency, actively supports industrial automation and innovation by ensuring targeted news is delivered to the industry’s decision-makers.

Do you want to raise brand presence globally via press release distribution?

Please contact us to receive a free consultation.

Check out our services: www.ins.fi 
Read our latest campaigns: www.ins-news.com

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