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5 crucial reasons you need press releases and 4 quick tips on how to craft it professionally

Less than 1 minute – this is the average time that editors spend reading press releases to decide whether to proceed with it or not. If you want to increase your B2B publications rate you should understand the critical points that journalists take attention to when opening your press release. Here we share actionable insights on how to make your tech story be highly-demanded by relevant editors, which will allow you to increase your earned media share and deliver your message to the intended audience.

how journalists read a press release

From this post you discover:

  • reasons the press releases remain crucial pr tool;
  • the ideal press release format to retain editors’ attention;
  • tips on press release tone-of-voice.

To begin with, press release remains a powerful tool in product marketing and communication strategy. The following points explain why.

5 reasons why you need to write a product press release.

  1. Product press releases garner attention for your product amongst target B2B decision makers. Journalists and media outlets are powerful agents in spreading your company’s news and insights. Industrial giants as Kone, Alfa Laval, Sulapac use press releases to improve their news’ visibility and achieve thought-leadership.
  2. Product press releases help your company to build relationships with B2B audience and trade media editors. All stakeholders benefit from well-crafted tech stories: companies developing groundbreaking products, their potential B2B partners, and journalists. Here’s how it works. First, journalists publish your breaking press release to please their readers. Next, targeted B2B decision-makers receive vital information about the latest business solutions and trends in their industry, as well as become interested in your company and products. Altogether, it helps your firm to build a business network based on credible coverage endorsed by your industry’s most trusted voices.
  3. Product press releases improve your search engine optimization and web traffic. Trade media has a strong presence online. Therefore a press release with precisely matched keywords allows improving your rank in search engine results. Besides, your press release may contain backlinks to your website or journalists may also refer to your company’s home page. As a result, a product press release can be one of the crucial lead generation sources for high-quality inbound traffic.
  4. Product press releases manage your company’s image. A successful press release provides a good opportunity to control the perception of your business and build a strong reputation.
  5. Product press releases boost lead generation and sales if the previously mentioned positive press release aspects have played their role.

Now you’re up to speed on the vital role of press releases, how do you craft a product press release that generates the desired impact with influential editors and your target audience? The answer lies in creating the right structure to tell your tech story.

The right format for product press releases skyrockets the journalists’ response rate.

Below are key 6 sections that constitute an attractive and clear tech story’s look for editors and readers: headline, date and location, strong lead, body, supporting quotes, boilerplate, and press contact.

Product press release template

Headline: a title that catches readers’ attention and clearly explains the product release’s main idea.

Date, City, State: when and where the news is taking place.

Strong Lead: short explanation about an innovative product, usually consisting of 35-45 words.

Body: easily scanned information providing more details. Start with crucial points and go to less important ones at the end.

Supporting Quotes: quotes are useful to raise the credibility of your press release to a reader. For quotation, chose the right person whose position ensures high precepted expertise.

Boilerplate: a few words describing your company profile to the audience.

Press Contact: name and contact details of your media communications executive, as well as main company’s contacts.

This structure helps to craft a clear product press release, which will create a win-win for your company and journalists: a clearer story’s format saves editors time and, as a result, increases the chances of news being published.

On the other side, a well-crafted press release is not only about filling the gaps in the format’s template. Remember about your text’s style. Here are…

Few tips to make your content be engaging for trade media editors and industry B2B experts.

Create an emotional connection with readers. Instead of being too technical and boring, tell an engaging story. Highlight how your innovation will help to solve customers’ problems, but do not exaggerate. A mild emotional connection resonates better with a target audience and increases your tech story’s impact.

Write in a journalistic way. Instead of being to salesy, provide your readers with factual information. Avoid buzz words overload like: “leading”, “best”, “unprecedented”.

Use a reasonable level of industry-specific terms. Of course, any tech story should describe an innovative product in professional language. But a saturated with terms text becomes less engaging. In addition, for B2B buyers from other industries, that are not deeply familiar with your specifics, too technical text may be hard to understand. As a result, you may lose a part of potential B2B customers. Try to balance between professional language that is understandable, concise, and value-adding.

After having the idea about ideal product press release, you may be interested as well in reasons why press release campaigns may fail.

There are many other specifics on how to write an impactful product press release.

For instance, there is no preferred font for writing product news. However, it is better to stick to common fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.

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