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Product launches of sustainable food packages in 2020: Nordic wood-based solutions

Growing concerns about plastic accumulation in the ecosystem and in human bodies push companies to develop among others new solutions for recyclable food packages. Wood-based materials continue to win their market share. Here are 3 examples for product launches of sustainable food packages from Nordic leaders in 2020.

Iggesund Paperboard, Sweden. InverformTM for pressed and folded food trays. Inverform is a Solid Bleached Board (SBB), made from cellulose. It fits perfectly for ready-made food packaging.

BillerudKorsnäs AB, Sweden, and Syntegon Technology GmbH. Recyclable Flow Wrap. Recyclable Flow Wrap is a packaging solution, made from forest-originated fibers. Therefore the material can be recycled as paper. In addition, it preserves high barrier performance required to physically protect food from being damaged and to maximize shelf life. The wrap is suitable for confectionery and bakery products.

Paptic LTD, Finland.  Paptic Gavia® fiber-based packaging solution. The material is made of wood from certified forests and can be recycled as cardboard. Paptic Gavia® fits perfectly for dry food packaging. Paptic has had a cooperation with Fazer that has chosen the innovative material for Moomin chocolate drops bags.

To accelerate the reduction of plastic usage, new sustainable food packaging solutions need to be promoted globally. A successful product launch strategy should ensure visibility in trade media that is the number one source of innovation news for industrial decision markers. For reaching the intended audience’s attention, it is worth knowing that:

Press release campaigns for wood-based packages have few special aspects.

Firstly, competition on market with other plastic replacing solutions is high. For instance, there is plant-based plastic or stone paper. It creates a challenge to write a press release that will highlight the solution amongst others.

Secondly, numerous potential markets for distribution rise the necessity for press release content localization. As an example, the fastest-growing markets of fiber-based packaging in 2021 are Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Therefore a question arises on which markets and languages to concentrate on in order to reach target media coverage.

Fiber-based packaging markets by region in 2021*

Fiber-based packaging market by region in 2021

*Source: http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com

Finally, wide target audience and multiple stakeholders make it difficult to compile a clear press release distribution strategy. Clearly, recyclable packaging has the potential to be used in many industries, such as food and beverage, HoReCa, medicine, environmental sustainability. As a result, it is challenging to define a list of relevant trade media to cover the audience that represents a company’s potential international B2B partners.

According to our experience, an efficient press release campaign in the packaging industry may reach more than 50 proven publications globally. A successful case is Iggesund Paperboard’s partnership with INS Trade Media Service.

The press release was represented in 11 languages. News about Iggesund Paperboard’s product launch has reached globally 63 proven publications and more than 2 m industries’ experts. INS Trade Media Service has delivered professional technical translation into Spanish, Polish and Russian languages. INS has also created a tailored media list, handled contact with editors, and performed the news campaign’s monitoring.

INS Trade Media Service as an industrial news distribution agency actively supports plastic’s replacing trend by ensuring targeted news delivery to industry’s decision makers.

Do you want to enhance your product launch of sustainable packaging solutions with sound news campaign?

Please contact us to receive a free consultation on press release campaigns.

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