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How often should a company publish a press release?

The success of a press release does not only rely on the content but is also affected by the frequency of publishing. By sending out the press release frequently, your company can easily catch the journalist’s attention and build your brand. Throughout this blog post, you will find out the most suitable frequency to issue a press release, regardless of your company size.

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A press release is a part of a content marketing strategy. To find out how often you should publish a press release, you need to know the goal of the press release campaign. Does the press release aim to improve SEO, increase Sales, or strengthen Brand Awareness? The clearer your goals are, the better you will know how often your company should publish a press release.

1st goal: Improve SEO

If you aim to improve your search engine rankings with the press release, make sure that you are as consistent as possible. Issuing a press release every two weeks or once a month is enough to keep your customers updated on a regular basis. A new press release adds up to the continuous effort.

2nd goal: Boost Sales

If your press release is meant to boost sales, the frequency of publishing press releases should be lined up with your sales cycle. When your company introduces a new service or product to the market, you might want to coordinate a press release to be published at the same time. However, if you consider causing a “viral press release” with your leading-edge product/service, then publishing several press releases before, during, and after the launch is highly recommended.

3rd: Strengthen Brand Awareness

Last but not least, your goal might be to build and strengthen your brand awareness among your industry’s influencers and customers. In this case, you should publish the press release whenever you have new research or key study, or announce an important milestone in your company development process. These are published less often and can be timed to fill in press release gaps.

If you are still uncertain or simply need an exact number for the question mentioned in the title, the general rule of thumb is to publish one press release each month. Keeping your customers up to date once per month is enough to build and maintain your brand without exhausting your customers.

Don’t worry that you will not have enough content for a press release even if you have a small company. In addition to launching new products/services, you can publish press release when your company receive a big investment or form a new partnership. This might not happen often, so sharing your opinions on current and trending news can be an option for your press release. Journalists always look for companies to share their views on the latest government news, data, industry advances, or innovations. So why not contribute to the conversation with a timely press and boost your publicity? You will find many ways to increase your publicity with a press release.

To summarize, the frequency of publishing a press release might vary based on your goals, If you have just started, you can send out a press release once per month. When creating a timeline for your press release campaigns, you should remember that content is king. Stick to your goals and understand your customers’ tastes to decide the suitable content and frequency of your press release.

If you have difficulty in publishing a press release, it is a better idea to find a trade media service that handles the whole campaign with you and ensures the highest results.

INS Trade Media Service is your trustworthy partner in consulting the tailored trade media practices and successful press releases. Don’t hesitate to contact us to offer your press release a chance to witness a viral effect.

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