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Industrial News Service

Industrial News Service

Trade Media

Reaching out to decision-makers in a particular business sector in all parts of the world is a challenging task that INS has made into its specialty.

The international technical trade press is where exporting companies meet their audiences. Ben Idström, managing director of INS, has worked with these magazines for over 30 years and gives his insight through a previous interview with a client.

We want to reach decision-makers who are interested in the technical content of our products.

Niche market

The purpose of marketing is to communicate with the market and change attitudes over time.

The trade press is the place where we find the individuals who are interested in what we sell. There are thousands of different trade journals specializing in a wide range of topics.

By regularly communicating with the relevant trade magazine editors, you create an awareness in the market about your company and what you can contribute to the success of the industry.

Here we find the entire target audience conveniently gathered in a single group.

Communicate in the right language

A common mistake that many make is to assume that everyone speaks English. Many do indeed speak English. But trade magazine editors will not spend time translating press releases into their own language. They prefer to work with material that is readily accessible.

“We have language skills in our organization… we make localized versions adapted to each market. German, French and Spanish, of course, but also Polish, Czech and Chinese, for example.” says Ben Idström.

Importance of traditional media

But traditional media, someone might object, hasn’t that industry died completely?

The target audience for B2B may in many cases prefer printed media, as decision-makers are often of a generation where printed media is perceived as more reliable, relevant, and easily accessible. In addition, the magazines have a digital presence, and the news is also published online.

Evaluate the effort

“When we start working with a client… we look at which media the competitors are in… We then create a media list… We do massive campaigns that can reach 3000 editors in 20 different countries,” says Ben Idström.

With its knowledge of the media, the understanding of the clients’ products, the language skills and the careful manual work, INS creatpublicity in B2B media that outperforms its competitors.

Ben Idström
Managing Director
Mobile: +358 50 494 6866
Email: ben.idstrom@ins.fi

Want to know more about INS and how it works?

Here you can read about our success stories. https://ins.fi/our-work/
Read our latest campaigns: http://www.ins-news.com
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