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6 steps of a successful press release campaign

6 steps of a successful press release campaign

The process of creating, publishing, and managing successful press releases can seem like a challenging task. However, press releases are very effective tools in delivering the most suitable outcomes of the business for your customers. In addition, a press release campaign allows you to understand the needs of your clients. For example, a study shows that 100% of journalists describe press releases as their number one source for stories*

*(Andy Barr, Outside Insights. 2018.)

6 steps of a press release campaign

We introduce 6 steps of the strategic part of your press release campaign. Editors, journalists, and marketers will be able to implement the following tips created by INS Trade Media Service. Further presented an explanation of each step of the press release workflow.

Step 1: Press release writing. The process of creating successful press releases starts from the writing board. The press release should be crafted using a clear structure, journalistic style, and industry-specific vocabulary. In our previous post, we described the process of writing press releases in more detail.

Step 2: Translating. Even if English is nowadays considered to be the common language among all, translating press releases to local languages has its benefits. Translating and publishing press releases in local media leads to higher response rates and wider media coverage. There is also an additional benefit to translating press releases to the target market’s native language; the same language is often spoken in other countries as well. In one of our former cases, Spanish translation was not only published in Spain but also in Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Our team of experts can help you to translate your press release to the language of your desired geographical market.

Step 3: Creating a tailored media list. You have created the press release and translated it to local languages, now what? It is important to choose the right trade media for each industry. This way it is ensured that the press release reaches the right industry professionals. Our team creates a tailored list of corresponding trade media for each campaign.

Step 4: Contacting editors. When the list of suitable trade publications is ready, it is time to contact the editors. It is important to pitch the article to the editors in a way that catches their attention. Our team has a wide range of contacts to editors in different publications, which assures that we can always reach the right readers in each industry. Reaching the correct audience is important since it can create new leads.

Step 5: Publishing. After the editors have received the press release, it is time to release it out to the world. This step of the process takes the least time but is undoubtedly the most crucial. Press releases are usually published in both, online editions and printed editions.
With the right published article at the right trade publications, companies can skip the gatekeepers and speak straight to the decision-makers. Trade media can capture the attention of readers exactly when they are seeking solutions to their problems or looking for specific information.

Step 6: Monitoring the campaign. Now that your press release has been published, it is time to analyze the results of the campaign. Our team puts together a report that gathers all the results. With trade media, the window for active publications can be up to several months. This means that even after the initial campaign and first results, you can expect there to be more publicity.

Learning how to write a successful press release campaign takes time but following these insightful 6 steps leads you to a fortunate experience. The concept of implementation can be modified and adapted to your preferences.

Would you like to have an effective and successful press release campaign for your new product or service?

Let us help you. Contact us for more information and for a free press release consultation.

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