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Close more deals with the right media exposure

B2B sales is challenging at the best of times.

But where there is challenge, there is opportunity…

Gopal RajGuru knows B2B sales inside out. A charismatic and internationally renowned sales consultant, his company innovate+grow helps optimise sales performance for high-profile global clients, including SICK AG, Siemens, Neste, SAP, and Atlas Copco to name just a few.

In our latest insights from the experts we discuss today’s B2B challenges and opportunities with Gopal, bringing you actionable insights to take your sales and marketing to the next level…

INS Trade Media Service: We live in difficult times for B2B sales, what’s the biggest challenge?
Gopal RajGuru: Quality lead generation is the number one challenge. Marketing departments are spending heavily on creating lots of visibility wherever they can; paid ads, social media, etc. But since they’re not marketing smartly, their messages are not engaging the right audiences. Therefore, their efforts are not providing their sales teams with enough high quality leads.

INS: What can sales teams do to make their visibility work better in terms of lead generation?
Gopal: Sales and marketing teams need to align more effectively to emphasise credibility boosting coverage, such as earned media. In B2B selling, credibility equals trust, and trust equals sales. Since anyone can pay for ad space or launch a social media campaign to promote their own content, there’s no level of authority to the news. The messages are visible but don’t carry any power of influence. Credible coverage makes people take action; they discuss it with colleagues, it opens the dialogue B2B companies need to get their ideal customers coming directly to them.

INS: What channels do you recommend for companies to increase their credible coverage?
Gopal: Trade media is the number one source of product news for professional decision makers. It’s written by experts, for experts. For me, and many sales teams I consult with, coverage in trade media is the most effective way to connect directly with potential customers. This visibility has the power to influence the right people, from the top decision maker to the end-user on the “factory floor”. It also considerably shortens the customer’s buying cycle, making it highly cost-effective.

INS: How much are sales teams still suffering from today’s restrictions on meetings and travel?
Gopal: Massively. Traditionally, trust and relationships would be built, and deals closed through personal selling at trade shows and face to face meetings. All that has now changed. But the customers are still out there, and companies still have great products to sell. They just need to connect through other channels. This is where smarter marketing is needed to drive sales results. Trade media is again the perfect sales tool for this!

INS: Can trade media help sales and marketing teams replicate the results of traditionally used channels?
Gopal: Absolutely. And not just replicate them, but improve on them. Trade media is globally circulated in both print and digital forms; in fact, digital consumption is growing. It is now more essential than ever to make your voice heard and stay “top of mind” in your industry globally, while we are still separated physically. The trade media needs great news and innovations to present to their readers; sales teams’ ideal customers. As a final thought, remember – if your products are not getting coverage, your competitors’ will be!

Boost your B2B sales today

Gopal’s insights can help you sell more too. And so can our tailor-made trade media outreach services.

Is your media visibility generating enough quality sales leads? Are you achieving enough credible coverage to convert customers? 

At INS we help you achieve visibility that directly drives your sales and promotes credible presence globally. With our support you will achieve earned coverage in trade media your industry’s key decision makers rely on to make purchase decisions – more sales for you! 

Any industry, any audience, we get your news covered. See what we can help you achieve.

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