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3 false myths about press releases

Have you thought about the cons of press releases? Or whether they would be a suitable tool for you or not? Even though press releases have been, and still are, crucial tools in B2B marketing and brand visibility, there are some stubborn misconceptions about them. In this post we’re setting the facts right about myths that might hinder companies from fully utilizing these effective tools.



1st Myth: Press releases are not relevant anymore.

Many believe that printed media, and press releases with it, are slowly disappearing because of digitalization. In reality, digitalization has shifted trade media online and brought new outlets for press releases. On top of publishing the articles in industry-specific trade media, press releases can also be shared on social media and various other platforms. Publishing press releases on digital platforms also ensures longer-lasting visibility.

With the current global pandemic, most of the trade fairs got canceled. This shifted the importance of B2B visibility, especially on international trade, even more heavily to press releases. For the reasons presented above, press releases continue to remain an important source for both, brand visibility and news sources for journalists.

2nd Myth: Press release campaign results are impossible to measure.

Thanks to previously mentioned digitalization, press release campaigns are easier to measure than ever. Various automation tools can be used for monitoring the campaign and measuring the results. Press release campaigns are unique in a way that the publication window can continue even up to several months after the initial campaign.

As an example of measuring campaigns, in 2020 we did a successful campaign for Kone Oyj. After the campaign was over, we measured the results and found out that the press release was published in 38 publications in three target markets. The article reached approximately 2.7 million industry professionals. The return of investment of the campaign was also measured. The visibility for the press releases continued for a long time after the initial campaign period.

3rd Myth: Our article is not interesting enough to be published.

All topics are interesting enough to get published, as long as the article is crafted carefully and targeted to the right audience. The readers of the publication must be the target group for your products. Even if there are no new projects, it’s good to remind your audience of your existence. If you have trouble writing a good-quality press release, consider hiring or consulting an expert with the writing process.

Distributing the press release to carefully selected trade media assures that the release is relevant to the industry and gets published. Editors love trade media as a source for news, but they have high requirements for content quality. The press release must meet the criteria for it to be published.


Stay on top of your industry

We at  INS Trade Media Service can help you to craft modern press release campaigns that bring targeted international publicity for you and your products. Utilizing press releases can help you to make an impact where you need it the most.

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