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Advanced Energy Solutions: Nordic Technology Revolution

By looking closely at the energy sector today, we observe growing interest across the trend of sustainable energy solutions. The growth enables future developments of the industry by providing various suggestions to the business sector. Governments around the world support sustainable energy sources and technologies to enable the efficient use of energy systems. Those benefits include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and stimulating employment creating jobs in green technologies through the growth of renewable energy sources.

In 2019, Finland reached 43% annually in sharing of energy from renewable sources and took 5th place among 27 countries. As a result, emissions fell by six percent from the previous year.

3 examples of advanced energy solutions from the Finnish technology industry.

Oy ICS Intelligent Control Systems Ltd, Finland. The new optical solution is set to significantly enhance solar energy production. The unique technology platform can raise the energy output from solar panels by up to 10 percent, bringing solar energy to the front line of sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

Valmet Oy, Finland. Waste-to-energy steam boiler. With the new boiler, the Lidköping Energi AB in Sweden will be able to convert 130,000 tons of waste per year into district heat, industrial hot water, steam, and electricity, while also ensuring environmentally safe disposal of harmful residues.

Wärtsilä Oyj Abp, Finland. The utility-scale Energy Storage System – 2.4MW/2.4MWh. The system allows Sunseap Energy Ventures located in Singapore to move towards a low-carbon energy future. The system features Wärtsilä’s GEMS advanced energy management platform, as well as the company’s GridSolv Max solution. The ESS provides services necessary to mitigate intermittency caused by solar, as well as reduce peak demand.

All energy sources have a significant effect on our environment. In order to reduce the negative impact of air pollution, advanced energy solutions need to be promoted globally. A successful strategy should ensure visibility in trade media which is the top source of innovation news for industrial decision-makers. For reaching the target audience’s attention, it is important to know that:

Press release campaigns for energy-oriented companies have few points to take into consideration.

There are a few important points that are essential to understand when considering press campaigns targeted to the energy-oriented market.  Firstly, high competition in the tech industry related to the sustainable energy sector. The sector is mainly composed of solar energy, wind, and biomass. This creates a challenge to write and reach the right audience with a press release that will highlight your solution so that it stands out amongst others.

Secondly, content localization based on the target group provides an additional challenge. Sustainable energy solutions have a huge opportunity in various locations and industries. Because of this, it is time-consuming to create a successful list of related trade media. The corresponding trade media will help to meet the audience that manages the company’s potential international B2B partners.

According to our experience, an efficient press release campaign in the tech industry may reach more than 50 proven publications globally. This can generate an impactful footprint with potentially millions of global readers in print and digital formats. With quality media targeting, this audience consists of highly influential industrial decision-makers and purchasers.

One successful example is the ICS Intelligent Control Systems’ partnership with INS Trade Media Service. The press release was published in nine languages and reached over 5,3 million industry experts via 136 proven global publications. The campaign covered approximately 17 different target markets, all of which were reached with high precision.

INS Trade Media Service delivered professional technical translation to 9 languages. 

INS Trade Media Service as an industrial news distribution agency actively supports energy innovations by ensuring targeted news is delivered to the industry’s decision-makers.

Do you want to promote your advanced energy solutions with an efficient news campaign?

Please contact us to receive a free consultation.

Check out our services: www. ins. fi

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