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How to implement social media to press releases?

In the current world, social media is everywhere, and everyone is on social media. That is why social channels should also be considered when crafting press releases. Social media helps to boost the visibility and discussion around your articles. In this post, we share tips on how to create a press release that is easy to share on social platforms.




How to implement social media to a press release?

Headline: One of the most important features of an article considering social media is the headline. The headline should be short and simple so that it catches the reader’s attention. It’s good to implement some related keywords to the headline as well. On top of catching the attention, the headline also improves the search engine optimization of the post and article.


Quotes: Add quotes and sentences that summarize the main points of the press release. These can be from the company representatives or just parts of the article. These quotes can then be easily shared on social media and they raise interest in the article as a whole.


Use multimedia: Pictures and videos are strong tools, and they’re especially important on social media platforms. They attract attention, but they also help your audience to understand the press release better. The multimedia used should be of high quality so that editors can also use them when they’re publishing the article on trade media.


Social channels: Include a list of your company’s social media channels and links to them so that the readers know where they can connect with you and follow the latest updates. Social channels are the place where your customers can easily engage with you directly.


Hashtags: Finally, create hashtags for the press release. It’s good to use industry-specific hashtags that help your press release reach your audience. You can also create your own hashtags which are unique to your article. Readers can then use these to discuss the press release topic. Your company can also easily follow the conversation by following these unique hashtags.


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