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Story Behind INS: Interview With The Owner

For over 40 years INS Trade Media service has provided industry visibility and quality services to our customers. Have you ever wondered who is behind the company? Now is your chance to hear from our owner, Ben Idström.


Picture of the owner

                                                                           Ben Idström, the owner of INS Trade Media Service.


                                                                  The Interview


INS Trade Media Service: Tell us about your background.

Ben Idström: I have always been interested in marketing, journalism, and politics. So I studied political sciences at the University of Helsinki.

After the studies, I worked with both marketing and journalism. I realized that the work as a journalist was not my cup of tea in the long run, but the interest in the industry was still there. By accident, I heard that INS in Finland was looking for a salesperson. As INS works with all, marketing, sales promotion, and journalism, I was really interested. I got the job.

INS Trade Media Service: What sparked your interest in trade media?

BI: Trade media was something new for me, but I understood the idea quite quickly. The success behind the INS concept is, in the end, well-written press releases.

INS Trade Media Service: Why did you decide to set up this company?

BI: I did not set up the company. The company was founded in 1978 in Stockholm, by a journalist working for a very typical trade journal. He faced the same problems as many magazines still do today; the topics are easier to explain in a discussion rather than by writing.

INS Trade Media Service: Do you have any future plans for the company?

BI: Yes, we are planning to build a new platform. It might be too early to discuss anything in detail since we don’t want to give competitors any ideas…

INS Trade Media Service: What makes INS different from the competitors?

BI: Everything we do is tailor-made and based on understanding clients’ products, target audiences et cetera. If we don’t understand the situation, there will be no results. The service is also global. Many PR agencies works like us, but locally. Our services are global and available everywhere. Very few have companies have the possibility to do global campaigns like INS.


Want to read more about us?

Check out our services: www.ins.fi

Read our latest campaigns: www.ins-news.com

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