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Are you missing out on Top talent?

Your company invests significant amounts of time and money in producing insightful, engaging content to share with your target audience, but with so many media channels out there to choose from when promoting your communications, how do you select where to allocate your resources? Which channels actually reach their target audience in the first place? Even when reached, how can you be sure the readership engages?  Which channels generate clearly demonstrable returns on investment? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, you need to consider trade media as an essential communications channel that gives impact to your communications. Here’s what this often misunderstood media has to offer.

Targeting with Pinpoint Accuracy

Can you imagine a marketing sin more catastrophic than making a significant expenditure on a campaign only to find that it been ineffective at reaching the target audience? With communications in trade media, this risk is eradicated; you can intensively focus promotion of your content in trade publications whose core readership is your ideal demographic. This gives your messages a purposeful impact that is unattainable from traditional media channels, and is especially useful when launching new product communications with the aim of generating quality sales leads. Furthermore, this is not just an audience that glosses over your messages; it is a readership that takes action…

Publicity that Makes an Impact

Communications in trade media go directly to the individuals that make a difference; the ready to buy influencers and decision makers with purchasing power that constitute your highest quality sales leads. By communicating directly with these industry insiders and thought leaders in your ideal niche audience, you guarantee that your content is seen not only by a readership with an active interest that engages, shares, and advocates your brand messages, but one with the ability to directly drive your sales.  Additionally, publishers of many of the most respected trade magazines freely distribute issues to the top experts and professionals in their industries, putting your messages before the most influential voices in your sector. These publications are also frequently circulated with memberships to professional organisations, widening your reach without sacrificing the quality of your focus.

Build Trust, Credibility, and Authority

Trade publications represent an authoritative voice and are highly credible and influential within the niche industries they serve. The readers of these magazines share a passion for your products, and have a technical working knowledge to match. This means you can pitch the content of your campaigns to your strengths; specialist product communications featuring technical writing are highly appreciated, and allow your company to be seen as experts, by experts. Readers of trade media also constitute a loyal audience, ideal for creating lasting relationships. With trust consistently ranked as one of the most influential factors in B2B sales, you cannot afford to neglect trade media as a unique reputation enhancing platform, communicating directly with thought leaders in your industry.

Print is Dead?

Print media is on the decline, right? Evidence suggests that it certainly is. However, there is a notable exception to this trend: trade media. Whilst consumer publications continue to suffer from diminishing readership, their effectiveness as a marketing tool is becoming less potent. Trade publications, on the other hand, experience no such decline. Global magazine revenue is expected to grow during 2019 due to the prominence of trade media in developing economies and emerging markets. There has never been a better time to take your communications global and enhance your brand reputation in markets such as China, India, and South America through exposure in trade publications, as these regions rely on the industrial expertise within these niche media titles to accelerate their technological development. This puts your company in a position to be the first point of contact for sales leads in these rapidly developing regions and become an established market leader globally.  It is also important to remember that almost all of the most highly regarded trade publications have a significant circulation of digital editions in addition to their printed issues, with an archive of backdated editions available from the magazine’s website, giving your publicity lasting impact both in print and online.

Make your Exposure Count

Still unconvinced that trade media marketing is an essential part of your communications strategy? Get in touch with us at INS Trade Media Service; with no obligation on your part, we will be happy to demonstrate how we can help you achieve targeted international publicity that makes an impact where you need it most.

Check out our services: www.ins.fi

Read our latest campaigns: www.ins-news.com

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