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Use your marketing budget to drive more sales

After a challenging 2020, and no sign of return to normality in the near future, marketing budgets are feeling the squeeze. If you’re currently dividing up your spend for the coming year and looking for the biggest returns on your investment, there is a clear stand-out option you might not have considered. Make 2021 the year you control the conversation about your brand with your industry’s strongest influencer…

trade media

Creating media coverage that converts into sales is challenging. Selecting the channel that connects your news directly to your most engaged audiences gives you a huge head-start. Trade media coverage makes best use of your budget in terms of high precision audience targeting. It will also save your sales team significant amounts of time and money by generating high-quality, ready to buy leads that you need, coming directly to you.

*Statistics sourced from German study by Deutsche Fachpresse into media use by 7.4 million surveyed professional decision makers. To request further details of the study in English, please contact us here.

Empower your earned exposure

Paid ads are great for guaranteed visibility; you pay your money, you get your ad space. One thing they’re not great for – building credibility. People know an advert when they see one; the content might raise some awareness, but it has minimal opinion-forming influence or lasting impression. If you’re allocating a large portion of your marketing budget to paid ads, and still not achieving solid lead-generation, it’s time you empowered your earned exposure.

trade media

Not all visibility is created equal

By coupling trade media visibility with focus on achieving earned exposure, your messages are amplified with a double-impact effect. Not only is your news perfectly positioned to engage your ideal target audiences, it is also recognised on merit, selected and endorsed by your industry’s most influential expert reporters. This is the kind of coverage that gets your news talked about, shared, and debated by your industry’s key players, putting your brand top of mind as to the ‘go-to’ choice. With value way beyond advertising, this is coverage that can’t be bought, but can be achieved with the right media partner…

Interested in earned exposure that builds your business?

Earned exposure that converts customers can be achieved with the support of a truly globally reaching, trade media specialized agency that speaks the language of your industry. Contact us for a complimentary consultation on a campaign to increase your media coverage today. 

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