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Raising Brand Presence Globally

A vital question for marketers today is how is it possible to improve brand presence and awareness globally? 

With the rise of globalization and digitalization, the distances of markets disappear and people can access both products or services they want from anywhere in the world. This progress has made the process of reaching almost any kind of service, products and information, giving customers the ability to choose a brand they want. This creates healthy competition among companies and organizations.   

Along with the integration of new technologies into our lives, brands now can reach global audiences by utilizing a range of novel communication methods and tools. Not so long-ago companies faced the core challenge of which location, region, or country to focus on.  This created a challenging situation for the brand as it was not able to expand its pre-existing customer network. Thanks to the integration of new technologies into our lives and today’s online marketing, it no longer matters what part of the world potential customers live in.   


                                                                              Press Release: Achieving a reach beyond borders  

Companies seeking to expand their business from domestic markets to foreign ones with the purpose to raise sales have begun to adopt new marketing plans and strategies. This is where Press Release comes into play. As the business environment is increasing competitively, businesses must expand into foreign markets to sell their products or services. In order to do so, organizations have come to rely on digital PR, which also includes Press Release distributions. Not only taking into consideration social platforms, collaboration with influencers and other content marketing opportunities.   

Press release distribution service is one of the most effective communication tools available to any business seeking to expand to new markets.  One should mention that press releases provide highly cost-effective ways of building global brand awareness via a significant use of international media. 

Based on our experience, an efficient press release campaign in the software development industry may reach more than 40 proven publications globally. This can generate an impactful footprint with potentially millions of international readers in print and digital formats. 

One successful example is the AVTECH Sweden AB partnership with INS Trade Media Service. The press release was published in two languages and reached over 1.6 million industry experts via 39 proven global publications in the year 2020. The campaign covered approximately 12 different target markets, all of which were reached with high precision.  

                                                             Aspects to consider when targeting international media outlets 

  1. A press release should be localized based on the language preferences of the country or region you consider as a new market.   
  1. It is essential to work with a company that offers Press Release services specifically for the targeted industry or which has enough potential and experience to provide good results in the business segment for previous projects.   
  1. Do not forget about SEO. This tool is essential for editors for finding a good topic in the press releases. We mentioned the importance of this feature in this blog post.   

As a result, international press release distribution is beneficial for your company. Firstly, a press release can help you to boost your brand presence throughout the global marketplace. Secondly, dependence on your domestic market will decrease. Thirdly, it leads to an improved brand presence and corporate image, allowing you to enlarge your position in the competitive market. 

INS Trade Media Service as an industrial news distribution agency actively supports technology and software development innovations by ensuring targeted news are delivered to the industry’s decision-makers.  

Do you want to raise brand presence globally via press release distribution?  

Please contact us to receive a free consultation. 

Check out our services: www.ins.fi 

Read our latest campaigns: www.ins-news.com 

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